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FastCap 2P 10 Super wood Glue Adhesive Review in 2023

Wood and other materials can be glued using FastCap’s 2p 10 super wood glue, adhesives, and glue accessories.

Best Wood Glue
2p 10 wood glue


  • Material: Adhesive, Sticky Stuff
  • Brand: FastCap
  • Item Volume: 340 Milliliters

Great for assembling a kitchen chair or repairing a broken table leg, this adhesive kit is works on a wide range of surfaces from wood to plastic. It includes a 2-ounce bottle of adhesive, and a 12-ounce spray can of activator.

To get a good bond, you will need to use CA glue and an activator together. I wouldn’t recommend using this for structural pieces or heavy weights even though it has a 4,000 psi tensile strength.

Using the liquid formula requires spraying the activator on one surface before applying the liquid formula to the other. You can use the glue in tight spaces since it seeps into cracks and gaps.

Making a mistake is challenging, since the glue dries to the touch within 10 seconds and cures fully within 30 seconds, giving you little time to make changes.

Any excess will need to be sanded off after you’ve completed the project.

VOCs in this product make it unfit for food use. Wear a mask when applying this and use it in a well-ventilated area. It will not bond to your skin if you wear nitrile gloves.

When cured, it’s waterproof, so you can use it as a finish coat or for repair work on projects that may come into contact with moisture.

There’s a glue bottle with 2 ounces and an applicator with 12 ounces. You can quickly go over budget with this glue since it’s the most expensive. I found the 2-year shelf life to be accurate on the bottle.


  • Strengthens bonds
  • Easily penetrates cracks
  • Rapidly dries
  • Once dry, waterproof
  • Shelf life is long


  • An application is required in two parts
  • Cleanup is difficult
  • Drying isn’t entirely clear
  • Food-safety concerns
  • VOCs are present
  • The price is very high

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Client feedback On 2P 10 Super Wood Glue

Please note that I am just a regular guy who picked up this 2p 10 super wood glue. It wasn’t free and I wasn’t paid.

I am blown away by this stuff! To start with… It’s been 28 years since I started working as a finish carpenter. There are a couple really great carpenters/woodworkers I follow on YouTube (one of them is Kings Woodworking) and he always uses this stuff. My curiosity was piqued when I saw others using it as well, so I decided to give it a try.

In any case… Today was my first time using this product. This stuff worked absolutely amazing because I had some very small oak molding going around a fireplace base, which nails would have blown apart (even with a pin nailer). Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t pull those pieces apart. During some downtime later that day, I made a couple of plywood sheathes for my panel hand saws, and I found that using nails wasn’t a good idea… I was surprised at how well it worked. My business will continue to be with them for a very long time due to their amazing product.

I cannot vouch for its durability. According to the package, this is a great product. The more time passes, the more I want to see how well it holds up. It will take me time to do that, but I will continue to purchase more until there is a reason not to. Things are no longer clamped and glued while they slide around anymore!

I really like this product! In case you are a carpenter and care about the quality of your work… This product is highly recommended! Highly highly highly recommended. It won’t disappoint… probably my best purchase of the year.


What is the best way to use 2P 10 Super wood Glue?

The 2P-10 adhesive is a two-part ten-second adhesive. Stick it together using the adhesive and activator for a strong, permanent bond. Large quantities of adhesive can be applied with the 10 oz bottles.

Can 2P-10 be used on glass?

Almost any surface can be used with the 2P-10 system, including wood, plastic, glass, and metal.


Use the Fastcap 2P 10 Super wood Glue for fast and better results. Its instantly drying power makes it a perfect choice for fast results. Shelf life is long. Powerful enough to penetrate cracks. A bit high in price though. But you will the best results.

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