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5 Best Glue for EVA Foam 2023 – Reviews & Guide

best glue for eva foam

Your wait for the quality adhesive is over now. Now you can select any of the Best Glue for EVA foam for any of your projects. We take care of your needs and make efforts to fulfill them with quality products. Whether you are looking for repairing, building, or fixing something, you can use any glue including all characteristics of an ideal adhesive.

The most robust bonding with more viscosity and less setting time makes an adhesive unique among all others. There is no single factor influencing the usage and results of glue, but many of them participate.

So, before proceeding to purchase the desired adhesive like “contact cement for foam” you must have a look at the buyer guide to get an idea.

Contact Cement or Adhesive

Contact Cement or Adhesive is a flexible acrylic contact adhesive that has multiple uses. It is one of the most powerful adhesives that can d be used on any surface. But it is a perfect choice for Eva Foam.

Are you in need of a multi-purpose adhesive, which is the only solution to your needs? Then we have some top picks for you. See the products reviewed below and go with any of them matching your desires. The best adhesive does not require much, only a few properties to prove itself.

We have reviewed the market’s best-selling 5 Best Glue for EVA Foam 2023 – Reviews & Guide and adhesives for you. Read the given below product reviews:

How to use glue on Eva foam surfaces

Using the best glue on an Eva foam surface is quite simple but there are some precautions to take care of.

First of all, ensure the foam’s surface is neat and clean. There should be dust particles on it. If it needs cleaning, use a piece of a cloth

After that spread the glue on the surface and plane it with the help of a ruler.

Take a while so that the glue settles down. It may take you a minute or two. But there are some products that can bring about ten minutes. So, you have to wait patiently.

Once the glue is settled put the other joining object and press it for a while. That’s it everything is done.

Top 5 Best Glue for EVA Foam 2023 Comparison Table:

1Gorilla Clear eva foam Glue4.9
2Dap 18008 Kwik eva foam glue4.8 CHECK PRICE
3Fantastic GOOP 160012 glue for eva foam4.7 CHECK PRICE
4Amazing Goop adhesive foam glue4.6 CHECK PRICE
53M Nitrile High-Performance best foam glue4.5 CHECK PRICE

1. Gorilla Clear Grip Contact Adhesive Review:


Many of the users ask for Eva foam glue, which gives sufficient holding. If you are also searching for a bond for EVE foam, then “Gorilla Clear Grip contact adhesive” can entertain you in the best regard. This American-made glue comes in 3 pounce tube packaging. Its cone-shaped handy nozzle aids the application process. This glue was mainly made for serving numerous materials, including; metal, plastic, ceramic, and wood. In no seconds, this glue firmly and permanently holds the surface of the item. It’s fully waterproof.

Due to its clear bonding feature, it is considered an invisible glue. No doubt, the glue is soft enough, yet it has a fine rubbing-off quality in it. Thereby it gives a mess-free and clear application to the surface of the item. The only acceptable drawback of this glue is its room for fixing mistakes. A clear grip with gorilla glue lets the user either make crafts, repair broken items, or build new stuff. Use the clear grip of the gorilla glue in a well-ventilated place. For maximum bond strength, wait for a few hours for a complete cure. If the temperature is comparatively low, then the curing time might extend.

The “Gorilla clear glue†is paintable but does not seem friendly for polystyrene products. Also, it is not recommended for food contact surfaces. Do not go for a dry cleaning service after using this glue on some items. If you do so, then you might face severe damage. For storing it for later use, wipe the nozzle with some cloth and tightly cap it. Could you keep it in a cold and dry place?

Gorilla clear grip contact adhesive Features:

We enlisted a standard set of features of “Gorilla Clear Grip contact adhesive”:

  • Serves multiple materials
  • Cone-shaped handy nozzle
  • It perfectly holds tough metals.
  • Has skinny tip
  • Clear results
  • Quickly holds
  • Dries up quickly
  • Crystal clear
  • Permanent bonding
  • Flows on autopilot
  • Might leave fixing flaws

2. Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk Review:


Another best glue for EVA foam named “Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk” is a paintable waterproof seal. Indeed, it’s the most robust and flexible adhesive used to serve more than hundreds of items. We must call it multi-purpose glue.

Like other glues, the “Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk” does not crack and break after drying up on the surface of the item. The binding by this glue does not make it fragile in cold places—application to clothing and fabrics. Its creation aims to serve as a watertight seal around tubs and showers etc. the crud chaulk used in manufacturing keeps objects safe from mildew resistance.

Ensure that the caulk is clear and clean before painting either latex or other paints. The best glue is one that dries quickly and gives clear bonding. The only acceptable drawback of this product is its dry uptime, which is 1 to 2 weeks. It may extend broader when there is humid or cold weather. It made using silicone but keeps safe from being crumbling and shrinking to the object. Additionally, the micro ban protection used in its manufacturing keeps the item safe from odor and mold mildew.

The sealant used on some surfaces is easy to clean and clear even for longer times. As it’s paintable after application, so cleaning with water s also possible and does not create any cracks in the object’s surface. You would not find any visible glue marks after it dries for sure. It is an admirable property

Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk Features:

We have listed a few of the fantastic features of “Dap 18008 Kwik Seal Caulk”. Have a look at them:

  • Made with a Latex polymer
  • Watertight seal
  • Easy water cleanup
  • Durable bonding
  • Paintable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • mildew resistant
  • Dries clear
  • Affordable price
  • Might not contact cement
  • Sometimes it seems like aquarium glue.

3.  GOOP 160012 Adhesive Review:


Your search for the best glue for foaming and crafts gets to an end with this admiring adhesive known as “Amazing GOOP 160012 Automative Adhesiveâ€.As we know, it’s a multi-purpose adhesive so it can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. Although it perfectly adheres to rubber, silicon, and EVA foam-type materials. With exceptional bonding with this super excellent adhesive, the user needs not to worry about the object’s repair and sealing. Though this adhesive is waterproof yet it stays safe and strong bonds even you expose it to water.

Without any uncertainty, we must say that this “Amazing GOOP 160012 Automative Adhesive†is one of the best adhesives which gives crystal clear bonding. Instead of leaking, it keeps a powerful bond to hoses and screw connections. For a super sealant for auto inside and outside, do not waste your resources anywhere else. Just fetch it for your use and feel why we have placed it in our top picks. Particularly the accessories that come with it are super helpful. This 3.7-ounce weighty adhesive comes with dispensing accessories that add meaning to your purchase within a minimum price.

Fantastic GOOP adhesive Features:

Below listed are some of the stunning features of “Amazing GOOP 160012 Automative Adhesiveâ€:

  • Solvent-based glue
  • Super seal for auto
  • Insulate electric wiring
  • Contains adhesive accessories
  • Helps in repairing mats, car seats, vinyL tears
  • Seal leaks in hoses
  • Sticks emblems
  • Seal windshields and headlights
  • Convertible tops
  • Is a little messy
  • Might not work for mirrors

4. Amazing Goop adhesive Review:


Another glue from the family of “Amazing GOOP†is Amazing Goop 140211. The tube packing adhesive is convenient to use. The search for indoor and outdoor adhesives for various projects does not come to an end. This multi-purpose adhesive, hardly requires 10 minutes to settle down on the surface of the object. But for a full-time cure, it may take 1 to 3 days.

Its adhesive viscosity is about 100k cps. Particularly was made to do repairs, sealing, and building projects. For excellent and superfast results, keep its application under 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Its usage is general so it could be used for materials such as; metal, glass, wood, marble, copper, vinyl, leather, and many more. This chemical solvent base adhesive required only 2 minutes to harden but gives clear marks-free bonding.

This adhesive tube bonded perfectly on fiberglass, asphalt, and concrete material type.  Its hazardous material limits its usage.

Amazing Goop 140211 Features:

Product features are those sets of characteristics that everyone considers vital firm before finalizing the product. So we gave Below a list of some of the fantastic features of “Amazing GOOP 140211â€:

  • Secure bonding
  • Waterproof
  • Is temperature resistant
  • Does not crack
  • Drayer safes and clear
  • Turn brittle
  • Remains flexible on extreme temperature
  • Not enough sticky
  • Might not handy some projects

5. 3M Nitrile High-Performance Review:


A high-performing adhesive named “3M nitrile glue†is one of the perfect bonding for rubber and gasket surfaces. Mainly this glue is made for those who work with foam and fabric items. This spray glue lets the glue bond in less than 20 minutes. Such a quick bond setting works excellently and gives strong bonding. One-time use of this product will make you understand why people run before it. Additionally, its industrial-grade strength, as well as its yellowish formula, ensures the assembly of high-stress binding.

Indeed the dispensing system with a lace spray pattern would assist in EVA foam and rubber surface bonding. In particular, when hundreds of types of glues fail to give fine bonding, then the 3M nitrile high-performance adhesive entertains the user. Be careful while applying this glue to the item surface and wait for uniform coating. Put another coating to make a strong layer to the surface. For super effective adhesiveness, make sure 80% of the surface area is covered with a glue layer. An optional heating cure helps in increasing the bonding strength of the glue. Helps in repairing leather, rubber, and gasket-made items. Without a doubt, the “3M nitrile glue† gives efficient fuel, heat, water, and moisture resistance.

The boiling point of the glue is greater than 56 degrees Celcius. Its application is easy, whereas it has less viscosity comparatively.

3M nitrile rubber adhesive Features:

Similar to other products, there are some admiring characteristics of “3M nitrile glueâ€. We have given them below:

  • High-performance adhesive
  • Heat and oil resistance
  • Dries up quickly
  • fule, oil and water-resistant
  • Optional heat cure increases bond strength
  • Sed for leather repair
  • attach the rubber to other materials
  • Low viscosity
  • Not friendly with some fuels

Glue for Eva Foam Buying Guide

Before making a purchase, you must ensure that it meets the requirements you are looking for. There are plenty of glues available on the market that claim the best results. And they do so. The results look brilliant, but the thing that matters is long-lasting glue, and only a few can serve you with these features. So, let’s look at the aspects you need to keep in mind before making a purchase.


The strength of glue always matters. If there is no strength, there is no value. So, you first need to consider how strong an adhesive is while bonding with other surfaces.
You will confront numerous types of glues for making instant bonding with Eva Foam, but they never lose long. So, always look for something that can resist force and offer flexibility to any movement.


Price is always a significant factor to look for. We always need some budgeted products with excellent results. Remember that Glue for Eva Foam is relatively inexpensive. They are available at a manageable price.
Though they are budget-friendly but making a bulk purchase may inflate your budget. So, don’t exceed the limit of your requirements.
The Glue for Eva Foam, available in big packages or bottles, is cost-effective and will provide more excellent value. But remember that these big packages may cost you a lot if you are working on a small project.


Flexibility is another essential factor always ignored while selecting the best glue for gluing Eva Foam. Less flexible products can’t bear a lot of force and movement. So, a perfect bond for your project must have this feature. It ensures long-lasting results.

Glue for EVA Foam FAQs 2023:

Besides other things, there are a few frequently asked questions when we talk about glues. Some of these questions are answered below. You can read and get an idea from them too:

What glue is best for EVA foam?

No doubt that there are a number of glues available in the market that claim the best bonding on Eva Foam surface but what I recommend is the Contact Cement. It is flexible, fast, and strong. Its elasticity ensures handling movement.

1. Which one is the best glue for foam?

Every user looks for one of the best glue for foam to get excellent bonding and grip. In our eyes, “contact cement†is one of the strongest glue, which can be an ideal choice for your Eva foam projects. For accurate work and fast results, do consider contact cement.

2. What if we use gorilla glue on EVA foam?

Several types of glues are used for bonding, but not all these types are suitable for every material. If we look deep, we found that the hot gluing formulas are the only glues that perfectly suit foaming projects. If you want to put large pieces of foam together, then the hot gluing formula of gorilla glue is fine. We can say that the gorilla glue for EVA foam is one of the best glues available in the market.

3. Which one is the best glue for crafts?

For a versatile adhesive, do consider PVA glue. It can help you in designing cards, fabric work, woodwork, and others too. It is child-safe and considered to b the ideal glue for crafts.

4. What is contact cement for foam?

If you do not know about it and have listened to the first time, let us tell you that contact cement is a popularly known adhesive. Mainly it is for EVA foam due to its features of giving strong and permanent bonds. It is toxic and pretty much intense. No doubt it’s too useful and toxic, so make sure its used is in some well-ventilated place.

5. How does the glue for EVA foam work on fabrics?

Various forms of glues are available of the same brands: sprays, liquid tubes, and jars. If you are trying to connect the fabric and EVA foam, then apply the spray on one side of the fabric and the foam’s other side. Now press your fabric to the foam for a smooth bond. Now put the spry on the edges of both o them.


After reviewing the 5 Best Glue for EVA Foam 2023 – Reviews & Guide, we found that these must satisfy your adhesive needs. Superfast drying and settling bond, crystal clear results, indoor-outdoor user friendly, and strongest bonding are important factors when buying glue for repairing or building projects.

I hope this article will help you in choosing the best glue for your project.

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