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How to Attach the Quarter Round to the Baseboard with Wood Glue?

In the world of molding, a quarter-round is a thin flat strip of wood with rounded corners. To protect the wood and conceal imperfections at the baseboards, this finishing molding is commonly connected to the baseboard trim.

A quarter round is typically nailed to the baseboard, however, it can also be glued to the wood rather than nailed. It will be necessary to fill and paint over the holes in order to obliterate any evidence of mounting.

Steps to attach quarter round to the Baseboard with Wood Glue:

If you intend to attach quarter rounds with wood glue, here are a few steps to follow:

First Step:

It is ideal to use the miter saw to cut the quarter-round molding to the required length. It is also a suitable tool for angling the joint.

To remember the height of the quarter round, mark a light pencil line on the baseboard to indicate how the molding should be fitted to the baseboard.

Second Step:

Sand the side of the quarter round set that will be in contact with the baseboard for about five strokes with medium grit sandpaper.

Make an equal number of strokes with the sandpaper on the baseboard below the drawn line. An uneven surface that has been scarred will assist the two boards in forming a strong bond.

Third Step:

On the sanded side of the quarter-round molding, apply two thin beads of liquid floor adhesive. Attach the moulding to the baseboard and press it against the wood.

Allow materials to form a bond by holding the quarter round in place for about one minute.

Fourth Step:

Use a damp sponge to remove any adhesive that has seeped from the quarter round and the baseboard seam.

Fifth Step:

Glue the quarter round to the remainder of the room’s baseboards after measuring, cutting, sanding, and gluing. After the glue has dried overnight, reinstall the quarter round.

Final Verdict:

The Quarter Round can be attached to the Baseboard with Wood Glue simply by following the steps outlined above. Hopefully, your quest on ‘How to Attach the Quarter Round to the Baseboard with Wood Glue’ is resolved.

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