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Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue | Comparisons And Differences 2023


Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue. Why there is a need for this comparison. If you’re involved in a variety of arts and crafts and other similar hobbies, you’ll most likely find yourself in need of some high-quality craft glue at some point or another. While there are many different adhesives, epoxies, and superglues available, the reality is that most of them are just too expensive for most simple crafts to be worth the money.

Finally, when it comes down to it, Mod Podge and Elmer’s glue are two of the most effective glues for this sort of project. They are not the same thing, though, and they are employed for quite distinct objectives, despite the fact that there is some overlap in their usage. In any case, let’s find out which of these two options is the greatest fit for you.

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer

  • This water-based sealer and adhesive are perfect for a variety of porous bonding tasks in the arts and crafts world.
  • Use this glue to attach the paper and other materials to thin wood and other materials such as construction paper, cloth, or felt, and seal puzzles and other crafts.
  • Extremely weak bond
  • Because it hardens so quickly after drying, this adhesive is ideal for use as a sealer.
  • The water resistance of this adhesive is quite low.
  • Very simple to maintain.
  • There are no safety issues to be concerned about.

Elmers Liquid School Glue

  • You can use this glue to bind porous materials together in arts and crafts.
  • The adhesive can be used to glue together thin wood, scrap paper, construction paper, fabric, and felt, among other materials.
  • Extremely weak bond
  • This adhesive will not be particularly flexible if it is applied in heavy layers. A small coating of Elmer’s glue may be fairly flexible, though.
  • Elmer’s glue does not have any resistance to water in any form.
  • Very simple to maintain.
  • There are no safety issues to be concerned about.

Review of Mod Podge

As a three-in-one water-based sealant, adhesive, and finish, this particular form of creative glue is noted for being incredibly flexible in terms of the types of projects that can be completed with it. The fact that this glue is only used for arts and crafts is due to the fact that it does not have very strong weight-bearing qualities or anything like that.

In addition to bonding paper to paper, this glue can be used for a variety of other tasks such as sealing puzzles, which is a pretty amazing feature of this glue.

It is definitely not a construction glue that has been put to use for anything significant or important. Creative ventures, on the other hand, can consider this as a fantastic alternative. It’s a 100% water-based and nontoxic glue that children may safely ingest in little amounts. It comes up without making you feel nauseous.

More importantly, while the glue is still wet, it is extremely simple to clean up with soap and water, and even after it has dried, the glue can be removed from garments using a high-quality washing machine. Generally speaking, this type of glue is composed primarily of water and polyvinyl acetate, which is found in most other types of white glue.

Elmer’s Glue Review

White glue known as Elmer’s Glue may also be purchased from the market. This glue is largely composed of water and some other substances such as polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, and propylene glycol. This is the most fundamental and often used form of white glue available. One that can be found in every single school in North America is the one described above.

One of the reasons why this glue is so suitable for children is that it is absolutely non-toxic, which means that children may consume it without being ill or poisoned as a result. Furthermore, Elmer’s Glue is quite simple to remove, even after it has dried, and you can pretty much simply peel it right off of any surface with your fingers. Also, while Elmer’s Glue is still on the surface, you may wash it away with just water and no other solvents.

Despite the fact that Elmer’s glue may be used for a range of tasks, they are almost always connected since it is typically the best choice for bonding items such as paper construction, paper, thin wood, and thin textiles. Keep in mind that I’m exactly the same as the other group we’re going to be looking at today. I’m only doing this to express myself. This is not the kind of major construction or repair glue that can withstand the weight of a building.

The difference between Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue

The moment has come for us to compare and contrast the two forms of glue we’ve learned about so far. At this point, we’ll evaluate the two groups based on their uses, the materials they can bind, how strong they are, how simple they are to clean up, and a variety of other considerations. Let’s have a look at this.

Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue for applications

One of the first things to evaluate in this situation is which applications these items are most well suited to. Mod Podge is a very adaptable substance that may be used for a broad range of different tasks and projects. The reason for that is that even though it goes on white when applied, it dries clearly, which is one of the reasons why it is so useful. Furthermore, since the viscosity of this glue is extremely thin, it has a tendency to run.

In addition to its application in arts and crafts, Mod Podge is popular for bonding papers and different textiles, as well as for bonding other materials such as construction paper and other decorative papers.

Additionally, this product will give your art a glossy sheen to enhance its appearance as a finishing touch. Puzzles and other similar projects that need to be preserved in excellent shape may also benefit from the usage of this product. Keep in mind, however, that this device does not have a great deal of weight-carrying capabilities, and it is not completely waterproof either.

Alternatively, we have Elmer’s glue that can be used for arts and crafts activities, just as the glue we were considering is exclusively intended for that use. Unlike other glues, Elmer’s glue does not have any weight-bearing properties. It isn’t completely waterproof, and it isn’t going to survive for very long at all either.

If you’re looking to join porous materials such as paper or textiles, thin bits of wood, or construction paper, this is the glue for you. Having said that, since this glue does not dry transparent, it is not suitable for use as a sealer or finish of any type because it may still be seen through it. When it comes down to it, this product is intended exclusively for the most rudimentary of arts and crafts activities.

The materials

The fact that both of these glues are intended to attach materials that are almost identical to one another is also crucial to mention. There are technically two types of white glue, and they are primarily used to bond materials such as paper, thin wood pieces, and textiles.

You should be aware, however, that none of these glues is good for nonporous materials and will not adhere to plastic, metal, or other nonporous materials. Even with all of that being said, Mod Podge is somewhat more flexible in this regard, mostly due to the fact that it can be used as a sealant since it dries transparent. However, when it comes to connecting, they’re about the same as each other.

(Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue) Strongness

In terms of bonding strength, it is necessary to point out that none of these is very strong. In addition, as we have said several times, they are not intended to support any weight and do not fare well when exposed to water.

They are solely intended for the most fundamental of arts and crafts projects, such as holding bits of paper and construction paper together. Neither of these glues should be used on any kind of large or heavy-duty project, any kind of extensive repairs, or any kind of complex construction operation.

This adhesive is just strong enough to keep together certain extremely light bits of paper and textiles, but it is incapable of holding together anything heavier. This kind of glue is only used for arts and crafts and school-related activities, not for more serious undertakings since it simply cannot stand up to the weight of the product.


When it comes to cleaning, one of the advantages of these glooms is that they are not as intense as other glooms. They are quite simple to clean up. There is an obvious advantage to both of these glues they are both water-based so they do not require you to use any solvents to remove them after they have dried.

All of the adhesives in this list are somewhat water resistant, they do not guarantee to be waterproof. If the glues are removed before they have a chance to dry, they may be removed with nothing more than water and, if necessary, a little soap.

As an additional note, even when both of these glues have been allowed to fully cure, they should both be able to be removed from garments with a decent detergent and some really hot water after they have been allowed to fully cure.

Finally, after this glue has dried on your skin or another hard surface, you may more or less simply peel it off without inflicting any harm. Having somewhat weak glue has the advantage of being relatively simple to clean up, which is a plus in most cases.

Health Caution Signs and Symbols

Another advantage of both of these forms of glue is that they are fully safe for use around children and the environment as well. In terms of the glue itself, it is not like these are manufactured from organic materials or anything like that, but at the same time, none of them contain any dangerous chemicals that may be harmful to children or pets if they swallow this kind of glue.

In the end, what is important to keep in mind is that both of these glues are intended for use in arts and crafts projects as well as in schools, which means that they will be in close proximity to children. They must, therefore, be child-safe. When it comes to any of these products, there are no serious safety concerns to be worried about.

Differing points of view

Elmer’s glue dries transparent, but Mod Podge does not. It is primarily this difference that separates the two types of glue with respect to their drying times. As a result, the MoD pod has a greater number of uses than Elmer’s Glue, such as mounting puzzles on the ceiling as well as other similar applications.

FAQs about Mod Podge vs Elmer’s Glue

Is white glue clear when it dries?

In the case of the glues we reviewed today, you can see that one functions as a clear adhesive while the other does not.

Why do you not use Elmer’s Glue instead of Mod Podge?

Elmer’s glue dries white, so Mod Podge cannot be substituted for it. However, you can use Elmer’s Glue in place of Mod Podge.


There is really no other purpose for these products other than arts and crafts. Mod Podge, however, is undoubtedly the more versatile of the two, especially due to the fact that it dries clear, making it much more useful.

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